Shamese Shular | STATIONED BY HAND

Brand Founder: Shamese Shular

Pronouns: She/Her

Sign: Pisces ♓️


How do you find joy? 

In counting my blessings, and not adopting all the beliefs, pain, and ideas of others. It is easy to be so absorbed in, in today's world with the lives of others through constant access and screen time. This was one of the reasons I started my business, is to keep alive that beauty of expression and release by connecting with SELF.

How do you center wellness in your life?

Disconnecting, paying attention to what throws me off balance and brings stress, and also what seems to relieve it. Frequently unfollowing accounts that don't continue to lift me up. Waking up early to reflect a bit on the day before, and set intentions for the day ahead. Sometimes, it is just stating to the universe what will and will not be allowed so that not just anything can find it's way to my space.

What is your vision for STATIONED BY HAND?

I hope to connect to more artists who find my product useful, as well as other artisans who can help me to improve my product simply by working together to add a twist to it with their craft. I have worked with a few makers already to come out with sets of products or additions to my own creation to offer something new. This way, we are both featured in a unique item. I also intend to expand into many more (and totally different) styles of stationery, sticking with the Japanese aesthetic. My hope is to continue to work with stockists who appreciate, and work with makers as their main purpose of existence.

What is your favorite item in your home right now?

A custom moon phase embroidered fabric cover made by my friend Jessica of @sixorangesocks

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