Liz Gomis | Off To Magazine

Brand Founder: Liz Gomis

Pronouns: She/Her

Sign: Scorpio ♏️

Brand: Off To Magazine

How do you find joy? 

I find joy by listening to elders, sharing skills & expertise with younger people and dodging toxic people. 

How do you center your wellness?

Taking half an hour for myself and exercise (mostly stretching) before going to bed and herbal infusion.

What is your vision for your brand?

A 360-degree TV production & press company, led by African woman (& diaspora). A company which recenters the margins and amplifies the new or unheard voices.

What is your favorite item in your home right now?

Actually there’s 2 things:

- a Nontsikelelo Mutiti limited edition poster named  “TÊTE-A-TÊTE”

- an original hand-signed Malick Sidibe's photograph named “SOIRÉE CHEZ DRISSA BALO”

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