Jessica Jade | Sunkiss Organics

Brand Founder: Jessica Jade

Pronouns: She/Her

Sign: Cancer ♋️

Brand: Sunkiss Organics

How do you find joy? 

Empowering Women of Color to heal their skin brings me immense joy. As does fostering a community of women that advocate for their health, and who live by their own standard of beauty!

How do you center your wellness?

My morning routine is sacred to me. I wake up an hour or two before my first appointment or daily tasks to focus on mindset, mindfulness, and movement.

What is your vision for your brand?

To continue to craft skincare for the intelligent woman who knows that their skincare must be as unique as their skin. To continue to craft a line that's rooted in tradition! To continue to be transparent while focusing our energy on the very real skin ailments plaguing our community.

What is your favorite item in your home right now?

A giant rubber plant that I inherited from my late father-in-law in June.

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