Asia Grant | Redoux NYC

Brand Founder: Asia Grant

Pronouns: She/Her

Sign: Aquarius ♒️

Brand: Redoux NYC

How do you find joy? 

My love language is acts of service so I find my truest joy when expressing my love to those in my life. Through cooking, cleaning, or being a listening ear, my joy comes from their joy!

How do you center wellness in your life?

I center my wellness around meditation and maintaining my mental health. Even when I feel physically strong from consistent exercise, if I'm not paying attention to my mind, I feel the all too familiar sensation of burn out. I strive to be consistent yet gentle with myself, and follow the mantra, "Everything in moderation, even moderation."

What is your vision for Redoux NYC?

The vision is to be coveted as the best smelling products without sacrificing accessibility or luxury.

What is your favorite item in your home right now?

My cat, Bumi. 🐱

Follow Asia at @shmasia and Redoux NYC at @redouxnyc